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What our customers say...

Very friendly ladies in the office and sales have always gone smoothly Thank you.

- Todd, Yarrawonga

Sold hay through GrainPro and was very impressed with service and payments. Keep up the good work.

- Neil, Rainbow

Grainpro are absolutely fantastic to deal with, payments are always on time every time and hold a great customer relationship with me.

- Matt, Horsham

I have been buying and selling grain through GrainPro for about 5 years . My payments have always been on time and when sourcing feed grain they effectively source the product I require and deliver on time . Thumbs up

- Jeremy, Mudgee

I used Grainpro for the first time last season, and was very pleased with their friendly service. Grain prices were above others at the time and pick up and payments were always on time. I will use them again in the near future.

- Warren, Horsham

Made much more money in last 3 years following Dr Mario's updates than in previous years..

- Tom, Ouyen

Just want to say you guys rock! Grainpro helped us and donated a load of hay that we distributed to our local community BIG Thank you!

- Linda, Cooma

I have dealt with the team at GrainPro the last 2 years, and I have sold over 500 tonnes of peas through them. I know for a few guys this isn't much, but for me it's my 2 harvest worth. I tried to sell them through a bloke we have sold peas to through for 20 years, he could'nt or would't find a market, but i gave ther crew at GrainPro a call and they sold them in a couple of hours, sent trucks with good to work with drivers and always paid when they said they would. I'll be selling again through them again this year.

- Brett, Kaniva

Happy, so far so good!

- Shaun, Tullibigeal

I held off selling my grain because of GrainPro's Grain Price updates in July, at the time the best I could get for my wheat was $287 and by the end of August it was worth $75-$85 per tonne more this is a significant income for us as growers Thank You Dr Mario and the GrainPro team.

- Garry, Speed

In the past 10 years ive never had a drama with GrainPro, always keen to do business and at some of the best prices almost every year

- Peter, Dubbo

Very happy with your service, will use again.

- Brad, SA

Happy with payments on time

- Chris, Nhill

Was very interested as grainpro are fully insured and guarantee their payments.. Have sold many contracts to them and they never missed a beat!

- Craig, Sea Lake

Grainpro are a very professional & diligent team. Willing to address any issue & resolve it quickly. Most importantly payments are done when due.

- Keith, Coleambally

GrainPro's buyers are fully insured with a 100% Grower payment guarantee.

Access 20706 Buyer & Seller Members **||** Wanted by buyers: 26,331mt -- Offered by sellers: 36,250mt -- Total Traded: 1,036,817mt **||** AUD to USD: 0.7178 **||** Latest News: Positions With GrainPro: Commodity Trader/Broker and Commodity Trading Assistant Call: 1800 86 887 -- EXPECTED GRAIN PRICE FLUCTUATIONS TODAY (▲▼) As At 14/12/18 WHEAT: DEL: WA▼Fr: $300, VIC▲Fr: $430, SA▼$365 Bris▼Fr: $370 RIV▲Fr: $435, , Nth NSW/Nctl▼Fr: $390, CHICKPEAS: DCT: Bris/Melb/Adl▼Fr: $945 LENTILS: DCT: VIC/SA▲ Fr: $610 CANOLA: DEL: VIC/SA/NSW▲ Fr: $625 WA▼Fr: $420 SORGHUM: DEL: Bris/Nth NSW▼Fr: $335 BARLEY: XF: WA▼Fr: $250 VIC▼Fr: $320 NSW▼$380 SA▼Fr: $300 OATS: DEL: WA▼Fr: $300/VIC▼Fr:$480 SA▼Fr: $420 CORN: XF: NSW▼Fr: $460 VIC▼Fr: $440 LUPINS: DEL: WA▼Fr $350 VIC▼Fr:$490 RIV/SA▼ Fr: $475 FIELD PEAS: XF: SA/VIC▲ Fr: $495 FABA BEANS: DCT: VIC/SA▲ Fr: $895 HAY: XF: SA/VIC/NSW▼ Fr: $240 CANOLA MEAL: FOT: VIC▼ Fr: $455 COTTONSEED: FOT: Sth NSW Fr:▲ $510 ALMOND HULLS: XF: VIC▼ Fr: $130