The Battle for Westeros Grains 2019.

The long night “Winter” of Easteros is here and the seven kingdoms prepare for the battle with the Desert Brokers for the Grain of Thrones.

Previously on Grain of Thrones:

During the hot summer many ships set sail from Westeros heading for the Easteros coast and marching on to the middle plains of New Southland and the land of Queens to feed the hungry armies in the North before the winter.

Meanwhile unbeknown to the Desert Brokers; the first Northern rain came before the long night.

The Awakening of the Desert Brokers”
The Eastern Realms prepare to defend against the destructive forces of the Westeros Desert Brokers, who have lay dormant in hibernation during the hot summer; now hungry to consume the East and the North. These once human but now brain-dead creatures that were converted into Savage Desert Brokers by the Desert Broker King, have been nothing but a myth to most of the Eastern Realms, However They Are Real; turning everything in their path to dry cropless desert.

The Pope of Hope
John Sow the last pope of hope, once King of the South-East and former leader of the Desert Hawks; keepers of the Green Wall. The Green Wall protects the lush pastures of the Great South-Eastern Realms, it stretches from the far Northern coast and deep into the West Riverina-lands then South covering the entire South-Eastern Realms.
As devastating news spreads of the Desert-Brokers early awakening and creating havoc to the New South middle-lands and most of the land of Queens, John Sow heads North for an urgent meeting with the Queen of the North. John Sow must somehow convince the Queen to join forces if they are to have any chance of defending against the savage army of the Desert-Broker King.

be be continued…. see updates: